Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kindergarten---Oh, well that must be EASY!

I just love it when someone asks me what grade I teach! 
When I tell them kindergarten their reply is often, "Oh really,  well that must be easy then, I mean all you really do is babysit right"? What I want to say is, "EASY???? BABYSITTING???? REALLY??????"  But, I  usually reply by kindly telling them the truth and saying "Oh, No, it is much more than babysitting, we are teaching them how to read, write, add and sometimes even subtract. We are teaching these young children how to be independent and be caring, loving individuals".

Kindergarten is the base for learning.
In Kindergarten we teach children to listen, to raise their hand, to walk in a line and how to learn. Without these things, children would not be able to function in a classroom or in society. But not only do we teach them the basics of how to function in a classroom, we also must teach them social skills, math, reading, science, social studies and Art! There are state standards that we must meet.

So, do I say it is EASY? Definitely not! Do I say that it is REWARDING? WITHOUT A DOUBT!

Kindergarten is where my heart is. I love seeing the growth that each child makes their first year of school. Many students come in not knowing their shapes, colors, letters or numbers and they leave kindergarten being able to read books, write sentences and even stories. They can tie their shoes and tell me what the word OVIPAROUS means! It is truly amazing how these young minds learn so much in just one school year! To me, this is the most rewarding job I could ever ask for!

 Where does it all begin?
It begins right here, inside this door...within the four walls of a this classroom
My students, are welcomed by me everyday as I stand at this door and greet each and every one of them with a smile and a "good morning! How are you today"?

Then they enter the world of learning! Have a look inside...

This is where it is...Where learning takes place....where young minds are molded....and where our future get's its start!

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