Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September is underway!

Wow! What a crazy time of year! I cannot believe that it is already September!!! My To-Do list keeps growing! Just when I think I am caught up...I'm actually 3 steps behind! But, I do love it and wouldn't trade my crazy days for anything!

I am working on hopefully getting a TpT site up and running sometime this school year. That's the goal anyway! So hopefully you will see something from me soon. I have many super-bloggers that are here to support me when I take that giant leap for man-kind!

So tonight I just wanted to check in and see how everyone's school year is going so far?!?! What new and wonderful things have you tried so far this year that have worked? What hasn't worked? Did you start your year with a new theme? What do you start your year with?? I want to know, so please feel free to leave a comment and share with me!

I started my year off with Pete the Cat. This is the second year that I started with Pete the Cat and I can tell you that the kids LOVE Pete. They truly cannot get enough of him and BEG me to play the CD whenever they are working at their tables.

We are also working on our class names. We play the name game each day.  Soon students will  learn how to read and write all of  their friends names.

Remember when I said, just as soon as I feel like I am all caught up, I am actually 3 steps behind??? Well it is true.I am in an out of state wedding next weekend so I will be leaving on Thursday. Plus,  I just decided to change my schedule around to make a little more time for reading and writing workshop so that means I have to re-do my lesson plans and make sub-plans for next week. Then the week after...I have training for our mentor program. So I will also need to make sub plans for that week as well!   So here is what is on my To-Do list for tonight....

Start crossing things of that to-do list, grade papers and cut out BEE bucks!

Make envelopes for each child's name puzzle and name card!

Whew! That is a lot of work to get done! And who said teachers only work from 8-3p???

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