Thursday, August 30, 2012

Classrooms Galore!

If you are like me, you are always wanting to see how other teachers set up their classrooms!

How cute is it?
 How do they fit all of their center areas in their classroom?
 What kind of chair do they sit in...a rocking chair? A wooden straight-back? A stool?
 Do students sit at desks or do they sit at tables? 
How are those desks or tables arranged?? 
How is their calendar area set up?
What type of carpet do they have?

Well Debbie Clement over at Rainbows Within Reach has graciously started a linky party so that we can see each others classrooms by blog hopping! If you have a blog that shares your classroom pictures, LINK UP!! We would love to see it!

 After you check out all of these AMAZING classroom set-ups, you MUST stop over and read Debbie's blog...she tells a very heartfelt story of a fellow educator that truly will bring tears to your eyes and remind you why we teach! Click here to read this wonderful story!

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