Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Classroom Theme and a Freebie!

Holy cow!!! Where has the summer gone?!?!? This has probably been THE BUSIEST SUMMER I have had in several years! I feel like have neglected my home! I sleep and shower there...that is about it!!
But, I am SUPER EXCITED about my new classroom theme!!! I am a die hard NIU Huskies fan and have decided to make that my theme this year. Last year I dedicated one bulletin board to the Huskies but this year, it is my whole classroom theme! I have also designed some of my own Huskies themed items for my classroom. Below, you can see that I have done to let everyone know where our class is when we aren't in your classroom. .
All I have left to do is at my fastener (brad) and my arrow and I am set to use it! If you visit my TpT store, you can get it for FREE!! Just click on the picture above!

I also have a new "Classroom Helpers" set that I have finally uploaded to my store! Check it out below! 

So, before I share a picture of the WHOLE bulletin board, I have to share with you what happened to me!!  I went to the store to pick up some red and black letters for my bulletin boards. First I picked up the black letters and then the red, went and paid for them and took them to school. After I opened them, realized that I had bought a multi-color pack!!! So, needless to say, I did not have enough red letters to finish my bulletin board!!! I was so mad at myself! But wanted to have an idea what it would look like, THUS...the yellow letters in there AND the missing E! 

I can't wait to share more of my classroom with you! I am still waiting on the border that I ordered 2 weeks ago! I hope it comes soon so I can finish my classroom!! AHHH! We start back August 19th! When do you go back to school??

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