Friday, February 14, 2014

100 Days Smarter!

  Celebrating the 100th Day of school in Mrs. Ramirez's kindergarten classroom!!!!! We know how to have some fun! 

Welcoming in my smarties...100 days of school means 100 days smarter! 

We then made 10 paper chains with 10 100 links in all! I hung them from the door so the students could be reminded how much smarter they are each time they walk through the door! 

Students also did 100 day art work where they used the numerals 1-0-0 to design masterpieces all of their own! Here are some examples :) 

Students also made 100 year old portraits of themselves! They turned out adorable! 

Then, because we hadn't done enough 100th day Art...we painted 100 dots (10 dots of 10 different colors)!! The best part about the painting, was that the kiddos got to use their fingers AND...they got to wipe off the paint right on to their paint shirt! I think that was the highlight of the day for them! haha

We also did some dressing up! Because what would the 100th day of school be like without 100 year old men and women?!?!?! Some of our teachers dressed up and so did some of the students!

At the end of the day, I took the kiddo's pictures and put them into my "old fart booth" app to make the kiddos look like they were truly 100 years old in the is an example! Before (dressed up like she is 100) and After (put through a time warp)! 

I did this for every student! It was comical! and the kiddos loved it! 
I even did a before and after of myself just for fun! 

100 Days of school = 100 days of fun, 100 days of love, 100 days of learning, 100 days of knowledge and 100 days of getting to know one another! 

Happy 100 Days to you! 

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