Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Silly Rhyme Writing in Kindergarten

I am always looking for new ways to involve writing in the classroom. This year, the students in our team have been struggling with rhyming. They are just so inconsistent. Right when we think they have it, they don't! So I decided to work on writing and rhyming at the same time. I dug through my tub of rhyming books and found one of my favorites titled Cat is Back at Bat by John Stadler. 

The book is full of silly animal rhymes. Each page holds it's own rhyme and illustration for that rhyme. After reading the book through once, we went back through and talked about the word family/rime that was used on each page. We did this to review why words rhyme!

The next day, we focused on a certain word family/rime and wrote out the words that students built in the winter word family book we used from Debi Goodman. I chose to use these books because then we wouldn't have too many words to choose from when making our rhyme, otherwise it becomes too much for the kiddos.

Once we came up with our list, the students worked together to come up with a silly rhyme. This process was repeated daily for 7 days (on the last day, we did two rhymes). This resulted in eight silly rhymes, thus eight pages to a class book. We titled our book "Stop and Hop," Said the Mop. The title came from one of the pages in the book that we wrote just like in the book Cat is Back at Bat

Below you will see the cover of the book.

Here is some of the students' work and a few of the pages included in the book we wrote together. 

 On the final day, I stapled the books together and sent them home with each child. The kiddos were very excited to get a book, written by them, to take home to read to their family! They are officially author's of a Kindergarten Published book! 

If you have fun writing activities to share, leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you! 

This week we are celebrating Dr. Seuss! I will have a guided drawing activity up soon! On that note...I need to get going on my outfit tomorrow!! It is Wacky Wednesday...MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR!!!! 

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