Monday, April 22, 2013

Awaiting the Arrival of a Very Special Guest!!!

This week we have a VERY SPECIAL GUEST coming to our school! 
Debbie is not only a guest, but a dear friend of mine who I have been awaiting the opportunity to have at my school for quite some time! 3 years to be exact! I met Debbie three years ago at he Illinois Reading Conference. I was walking around the conference with a terrible migraine, when some lady in a crazy fun outfit (that I LOVED and WANTED) walked up to me and said, "Hey, I love your purse! As a matter of fact I love giraffes...I even wrote a book about a giraffe". And then, she was off on her merry way! I looked at my watch and realized I had better be on my way too! So I headed down the stairs to the next session on my list and what do ya know....There she was! I was going to this lady's session! This is where I officially met Debbie Clement! She really caught my attention with her book/song Red White and Blue! And that is where our friendship began! She is one amazing person...inspirational, talented, awesome, loving, caring, crazy, fun, and a lot more technologically saavy than she gives herself credit for! 
I can't wait to see her again on Wednesday! And I can't wait for my colleagues and students to be able to enjoy her talents



  1. You're so lucky!! I love Debbie and can't wait to one day meet her in person!! I'll be looking for pics soon! :)

    Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

  2. I hope you get to meet her! She is just wonderful and fun! You will absolutely LOVE her!