Thursday, May 2, 2013

Debbie Clement Came to Visit!

Soooo, I was SOOOO excited to have Debbie Clement visit our school and I have not been able to blog about it! My internet has been going in and out for over a week now!!! I think we are finally up and running THANK GOODNESS!

Debbie and I had been planning for over 2 years to get together and this year, it FINALLY happened! She came and hung out at our K-1 school for the whole day. She did four 50minute sessions with pre-k, kinder and 1st grade kiddos and then did a teacher session where teachers could ask questions and learn more about the guest of honor.  Not only did the students LOVE did the adults! I must say, so many of them needed Debbie this time of the year. Several of them said they had been in a slump and that Debbie's pulled them right out of that slump!  If you haven't had the music lady with stripes and polk-a-dots...AKA Debbie Clement come to your school need to work on that. You will not be disappointed...but you will be left wanting more!

Here are some photos from that day!

After Debbie's LONG day at Washington school, she then did a show for the whole community at our local community college. Lot's of fun, lot's of laughs and lots of dancing! The students who saw Debbie at school, were so excited to see her again at night AND to get the chance to buy a personally signed copy of  the book "Red, White and Blue" which our school had deemed "THE BEST SONG EVER". I might have just had a LITTLE to do with that because I introduced them to it and introduced SEVERAL others actually! Why? Because it tugged at my heart strings the first time I heard it and it is the book/song that brought Debbie and I together as friends! And the rest is history! To read some of the projects I have done and my colleagues have done in response to Debbie's picture books click on the name of the book below.

The last creation my kinders made was this welcome quilt for Debbie! I will share how we went about making this in my next blog!

SOOOOO, if you haven't booked Debbie Clement....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?! Oh, and if you want a little dose of her before she comes to your school...she is the Keynote presenter at the National Kindergarten Conference in LasVegas this summer! 

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    I may have to pinch myself to keep from crying. How am I just now finding your write up and ALL of these amazing pictures?

    You really conveyed the fun that we had together! Thanks for all of your organization behind the scenes to make the day run so smoothly. And a SPECIAL HUGE thanks for your support with my transition to digital/tablet! You know I probably never would have done it without you. Now a few weeks later I am actually starting to feel comfortable.

    You are simply the best!!!

    Here's to incredible things in the future!

    Debbie Clement