Thursday, May 16, 2013

Polk-a-dots and Stripe Galore!

On April 24th, Debbie Clement visited our school and my kinder kiddos welcomed her with three of her most favorite things! 
A quilt!!!

I promised to share how we designed the quilt and I am going to make good on that promise right now! 

First off, I have known Debbie for awhile now and really, anyone that knows her, knows that she loves polk-a-dots, stripes and she is a MAJOR quilter! Check out her books and you will see! 
So, knowing all of that, I hatched a welcome her to Washington Elementary with just those things! 

I was teaching my children about line...particularly straight lines, at the time and so I had them paint white stripes on black construction paper and orange stripes on white construction paper. 

The following day, we talked about polk-a-dots and where we might see them. Then I gave each student a large pon-pom. Gripping the pon-pom with their finger tips (great fine motor activity),  the students dipped it in the white paint and then smooshed it down on their black paper to make their polk-a-dots all over the page. 

Then the tough part...I re-taught students how to cut circles out of paper by turning their paper as they cut. They had to cut out white circles to glue on orange paper. Thus, continuing the patter or orange/white and black/white.

After all the glue and painted pieces were dry, I took the 9 X 12 construction paper pieces and cut them in half making them 6 X 9. Then, I went and got a long strip of orange butcher paper and we started to tape our pieces in a pattern across the width of the butcher paper and continuing down until the whole strip was filled. By the end, we had a quilt that was from ceiling to floor! I hung it in the hallway so that each time the students would see their hard work daily...and to also let Debbie see it on her way down to see us!! 
Here is the finished product! 

 My kinder kiddos did an amazing job and they were so proud of their quilt! 

Carie Ramirez

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